Any business initiative stands for an opportunity and the government of Romania encourages Romanian and foreign citizens alike to be active in the private sector.

Why should one be interested in starting a business in Romania? Because the main goal of the Government is sustainable growth. Backing private entrepreneurs and stimulating entrepreneurshipare central to the activity of the Executive.

The actions of the Government are geared at consolidating a stable and predictable  business environment, strengthening free competition, eliminating state monopolies that are not economically justified, enhancing the transparency of the business environment, of governmental policies and monetary policies and liberalizing the labour market.


One of the essential conditions for the achievement of the reform in Romania is the boosting of the economy. This requires a considerable investment contribution. In this sense, the efforts of the Romanian State are oriented towards the creation of a juristic and institutional framework as attractive and stimulating as possible.  

Added to these are also a number of natural and human factors that place Romania in a particularly favourable situation:

  • A privileged geographical position in Europe which permits the access both to the markets in the Central and Western Europe, and to those in the Community of Independent States, and the Middle East;  
  • The variety of natural resources;  
  • An important tourism potential;  
  • A diversified economic infrastructure, which is capable to assume production tasks from a large number of offers;